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Learn about another culture! Travel abroad! Open up more job opportunities!  Ever dreamed of learning a new language? Now you can with a wide range of language classes at Waikato Institute of Education.

Currently WIE offer following language class: ( WIE Language Courses  )
  French  Mandarin   Japanese  German  Korean  Dutch  Portuguese

WIE Aslo offer Private Lessons for above lamguage and other languages, which can be arranged anytime with a qualified native speaker. Please follow link Private lessons for more information.

Each year, WIE helps hundreds of students to learn a foreign language. Whether you want to learn for travel, work, or you just want to learn a second language, you will find  our affordable and convenient courses the ideal choice for your language education.

Our school is conveniently located in the heart of Hamilton in the Tower Building, Center Place and is just seconds from the CBD's myriad of cafes, shops, restaurants and bars.

Why choose WIE?

Small class size
ü Fun, interactive courses
ü Competitive prices
ü Qualified and experienced native speakers
ü Proven learning methods and resources
ü Convenient city location

There's no better time to learn than now!




Funded by New Zealand Government SAC Funding and English for Migrants Funding.

Authorised Examination Centre for Cambridge English Exams

Authorised  Test Venue for Cambridge Occupational English Test ( OET )


Granted registration by NZQA

Qualifications Authority

Authorised TOEIC Test Center Approved Provider for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Scholarship Authorised Cambridge
IELTS Pre-Testing Centre

 Study and learn a language at a leading language school Waikato Institute of Education in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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